A simple guide for tourist’s manners in Thailand

Wai is a common word and a sign of respect. Even if you are in McDonald Thailand, you can see a picture of Ronald McDonald standing with a wai. Wai can be done by placing your hands together like praying and pulling them gently toward the chest. Usually done by young people to older people or people of lower social status waving to more senior people. So it’s also obvious if the staff of the Luxury Private Pool Villa Resort will also greet you with a warm and friendly wai.

Additional calls on your name

In Thailand, you will be called with the prefix “Khun” in your name. Khun can be likened to Mr. or Mrs. Like in Europe. Not only that, in any word your word Khun will always be used.

Please remove the footwear

The next holiday to Thailand is Removing the footwear. In order to respect the habits of the Thais, you must know this one thing. Take off the footwear every time you enter someone’s home. This also applies when you enter a temple, a certain restaurant, and also a cafe. If you see a pile of shoes or sandals, that’s a sign that you have to take off your footwear.