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Bank offers credit with 1300 net.

Small income quickly becomes a major hurdle for lending. 1300 net credit is possible, but the credit limit is reached early. We want you to find your desired loan quickly and easily. Our low income credit guide will show you what to look for and what lenders value.

1300 net credit

1300 net credit

For the single, regular credit with 1300 net is no problem. The income is modest, but there is no need to “shoulder” high fixed costs on the expenditure side. The apartment is small, the vacation as a single costs almost nothing compared to the family vacation. Singles in cities can even easily do without their own car. The bottom line is that with average lifestyle, there is even some money left every month for the high edge.

The overall picture is reflected in the garnishment exemption limits, which are decisive for lending by regular credit institutions. According to the attachment table (attachment to § 850c ZPO – status 2016), the net income would only be protected against attachment up to 1,079.99 USD. With a net income of 1,300 USD, there would be an attachable income portion of 220 USD to secure the loan. For the simple regular loan only a clean Credit Bureau and the positive household bill are missing.

With proper housekeeping, neither overinsured nor oversized payment obligations, the budgetary bill works. Secure payment in installments would be possible in the amount of the surplus to be calculated, for example 180 USD. This means that practically every credit institution is available for regular loans with 1300 net. The free loan comparison suggests offers with low interest rates.

Sole earners – with dependents

Sole earners are solely responsible for their family’s household income and livelihood. The classic couple, she does the housekeeping – he goes to work, there are hardly any left. But single earners with one or more children are not uncommon. The double burden – family and job under one roof – often has an additional negative effect on the net income that can be achieved.

Loans with 1,300 net from part-time employment are sought quite frequently. However, the impenetrability of the money needed to protect the family in normal life has an impact on the credit. Regular credit institutions that pay particular attention to solid, portable lending have legitimate doubts about creditworthiness. Low interest rates and easy credit procedures are difficult to reconcile with the increased risk.

The net working income of up to USD 1,479.99 would be attachable to a dependent. With two dependent persons even up to 1.709.99 USD. Parental allowance or child benefit is not automatically attachable. As an income component for credit valuation, many credit institutions calculate this income mathematically. Loan with a solvent guarantor or co-applicant is a solution option for regular small income loans.

Fast loan with low income – mini loan without guarantor

Fast loan with low income - <a href=mini loan without guarantor” />

In principle, all commercial credit providers across Europe are obliged to only grant secure loans. However, there is freedom of contract, which is what a provider uses to secure secure lending. In addition to regular income, the creditworthiness of the Credit Bureau, the amount of the loan and the term are decisive for the security of the loan. There is room for maneuver for a small loan amount between USD 100 and USD 3,000.

For example, Good Lender offers credit in 24 hours from a monthly net income of at least 500 USD net. For the loan with 1300 net, the requirement of a sufficiently high salary would even be exceeded. First-time applicants could apply for a loan up to a maximum of USD 500 and a term of 30 days. Good Lender offers Videoident for ID verification. This means that even with the first application, payment is possible within 24 hours of the application.

The company goes even further for existing customers who prove to be safe repayers in the course of the cooperation. Up to 3,000 USD with a maximum repayment period of 6 months could be applied for, approved and paid out with a loan payment in 30 minutes. However, the really quick loan in this case costs an express surcharge. Without a surcharge, Fidor Bank customers could make an emergency call. The bank pays out a 100 USD loan in real time.

Serious credit with 1300 net credit intermediaries

Serious credit with 1300 net credit intermediaries

If credit attempts fail in the regular system of banks and savings banks, the credit request does not have to go to the files. The loan brokerage industry offers the opportunity to find a suitable loan provider. With regard to the warnings in the media, it is problematic not to fall for a “peasant catcher offer”. Classic credit brokering is rightly always negative in reporting.

Safe, scandal-free loan brokerage, for example for the loan with 1300 net offer Good Finance and Good Lender. The business idea of ​​both portals is to network private lenders with prospective customers on a serious basis. The complex control and information system of the portals as well as the later loan processing via a bank offers security for both sides. There are no legal regulations to whom a private investor may lend his money.

Private investors can therefore legally take on a higher credit risk than banks. For credit with 1300 net there are additional credit opportunities compared to bank credit. At this point, our recommendation Good Finance applies, since the portal provides both private and bank loans.

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