Different Types of Acne You Should Know

When you wonder about pimple marks removal, this is what you should know first. One type of acne is papules acne. Unfortunately, most of us do not know the different types of acne, so some of them choose the wrong treatment. For your information, this papula acne is a very disturbing acne. This papula acne has characteristics of small and red. Although this papules acne does not contain pus, but often arise and spread on the cheeks and forehead.

Another type of acne that you should know is pustule acne. Acne Pustule is usually caused by unsuitable cosmetic use caused by chemical irritation and lack of attention to clean the skin due to dust and dirt. This pustule acne develops with small features, an inflamed lump and has a reddish color. A general acne pustule contains pus yellow or white in the middle. By knowing the various types of acne, you can find the best pimple market removal method, which can give you the result in accordance with your expectation.