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Examine Its Repayment Capacity And Compare Credit Offers

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A difficult end of the month, a purchase or a major investment to make, an emergency, but also other various situations may require an additional amount of money more or less important. And when one does not want or can not borrow from relatives, a loan from a credit agency is the solution.

Using a credit conso however requires to provide in advance the ability to repay and especially to choose the right offer of credit best. Here are our tips to put the odds on your side.

Assess your finances and prepare the file

Assess your finances and prepare the file

Before going to a credit agency or a comparator offer, you must know if you can afford to contract a loan, that is to say, paid in full the amount you consider borrowing.

For that, a simple balance between your income and your monthly expenses will allow you to know how much you can release each month to repay without putting yourself in the red.

A stable situation, well managed finances and therefore a good repayment capacity are your assets to receive several offers of credit. If the amount to borrow is low (less than 1000 €), your file will consist only of your identity, your proof of address and your previous payslips.

For larger sums (up to € 25,000), the review of your application will be a bit more detailed, will take longer and you may have to provide other documents such as your bank statements, …

If it is a credit conso assigned (auto, boat, work, …), you will probably be asked quotes or other prices to justify the loan.

Receive credit offers and sort

Receive credit offers and sort

Before opting for such a loan agreement, it is first necessary to make sure to receive the maximum offer of credit conso. An online simulation will allow you to fill in your application with credit agencies, including the monthly payments you want to pay and the life of the credit, but also your family situation, loans in progress … Following this simulation online, you will receive at least two credit offers corresponding to your request.

From there, you will be able to be the comparator of offers that correspond to your situation. We must examine the credit offers , not only the proposed rate, but also the total cost of credit, including the total amount of interest and any fees and penalties.

Indeed, the interest rate is only nominal and can be subjective, so we must rely on the total cost of credit to get an idea of ​​the amounts actually incurred. Once these different criteria have been studied, you will be better informed to sign the loan agreement that corresponds to your expectations.

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