How to make a foundation pillar for a house

It is conceivable that the minimalist or simple building pole pod that was built was fragile or not strong to support the load on it that weighed several tons, collapsed! Therefore blog home tips this time will discuss it with you. In the meantime, don’t forget to call Pasadena TX foundation repair if you need to fix some problems with your foundation.

Preparation for tips on making the foundation of the house, among others:

1. Measuring the land
The first stage in the foundation construction is the land measurement. Determine the area of land to be built. The foundation is not only a box but also built in accordance with the design of the house. From the foundation has seen how the model and how many rooms will be built.

2. Determine the depth of the foundation
The second stage, after measuring the land is to determine the depth of the foundation. There are two types of foundations that are deep foundations and shallow foundations. All this depends on the desires and contours of the land. In general, the deep foundation will be stronger than the shallow foundation.

3. Excavation
The third stage is excavation. Excavations tailored to foundation requirements. It takes a long time for this excavation.

4. Creation of foundations
Last is the making of the foundation of the house. Building materials needed in making foundations such as sand, stone, cement and iron poles. This iron pole serves to strengthen the building.

After the foundation is completed then the next step is making the foundation pile. How to make a foundation pole of the house ie

First, is to prepare the material in the form of iron. There are many different types of iron sizes. Determine the size and type of iron in accordance with the needs and also the size of the house.

Second, Then specify the size of the iron. The size of the pole is adjusted to the height of the building. Make a breakdown of how long the iron is needed.

Third, Make a foundation pile of the right size. This pile of the foundation will be installed at the corners of the building room. One corner required four pillars of the foundation. Use to strengthen the building and give shape to the building.