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Loans bad payers loans with assignment of the fifth and without guarantor

Loans and loans to bad payers with assignment of the fifth or no assignment of the fifth with or without online guarantor

Bad or poorly paid online

This is a section with information on a fragile topic, indeed the recipients of the content itself are fragile: the bad or poorly paid online . The bad payer term has stably entered financial jargon, however it is often willingly not to do justice to all those who are marked by this phrase. That is, if all roads lead to Rome (the bad payer), not all the reasons for the route are the same. Think about who has become a bad payer by accident: who has been fired, a serious illness, the death of the income holder, etc. and all those hypotheses in which unforeseeable facts occur that go beyond the will of the payers. Or yet, other injustice, not paying a couple of small installments and being treated in all respects to those who have been guilty of perhaps fraudulent bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the one just described is the real situation of those who have defaulted which, regardless of the quantum and the cause of the failure, will be labeled as a bad payer with the results that this label produces in terms of financial reliability.

Despite the rapid spikes in protests and bad payers recorded in this period, especially in the urban agglomerations of Naples, Rome and Milan, caused by the momentary economic and liquidity crisis of the markets, the financial system has some credit means to “help” not all, but most of these people. That said, the information we want to give is precisely that on loans or loans to payers or how to grant or better say what type of credit is granted to the bad payer or how the loan or loan to the bad payer is identified also online. Starting from this, we can start by dividing the aforementioned subjects between bad payers with assignment of the fifth from those without or not assigning the fifth, for example. the self-employed for whom it is possible to compare bad paying loans without assignment of the fifth. Then, further difference between who has a guarantor and who is without guarantor . We continue in detail.

As per the upper subdivision, we can speak of: A) bad personal pay employees loans which therefore have income that the employer can distract in favor of banks and financial institutions inclined to them; B) bad pay loans autonomous or without paychecks that have less protection and therefore there is greater complexity in granting them financing also online. In both cases we note that granting loans or loans to bad payers also has precise characteristics. E.g. a worker who is therefore an employee can obtain the loan for a bad payer only by yielding a fifth of his income, which can be raised to 40% if he gives up a double fifth. This is the case of the loan with assignment of the fifth. This also applies in the event that the employees, in addition to asking for loans for bad payers, are also protested, that is, the presence of the paycheck and therefore a fixed and secure income exceeds the coexistence of the two negative events.

Financing for bad autonomous payers

The other case we said concerns the financing for bad autonomous payers where autonomous is understood as any activity carried out on one’s own and therefore known as without or no transfer of the fifth. In these cases, the only viable way are and remain the loans changed for bad payers to access which, remember, sometimes the 740 model is not enough, but requires life insurance (see loan with bills of exchange). The alternative is the presence of a guarantor, a third guarantor that guarantees the entire credit operation: without guarantor it is even more complex to obtain credit.

Moving towards the end we remember some useful information. Given that the “quality” of a bad payer is not infinite (it lasts for a maximum of three years or a shine if you are also protested), we recommend some stratagems to get out of this situation first: get financed where possible with a debt consolidation x bad payers ( see financing consolidation & debt consolidation to bad payers 2019 and banks that do) and with the proceeds of this regularize the debts due to which they have been declared as such. Then, documents in hand, request the cancellation from bad payers at the Crif database and then obtain the total rehabilitation of the name. We understand that it is not easy, but we assure you that there are many personal situations that have come out of the nightmare of bad online payers.

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