Maintaining the wooden fences of a minimalist house

A wooden fence does give the exterior look more beautiful with a touch of classic vintage. You need to do periodic maintenance so that the wooden fence looks always beautiful. The wood used to make fences vary from teak to ulin. Certainly, wooden fences have a different way of care than iron fences. Wood is more porous because it is eaten by termites and susceptible to fungi. We will provide some information on how to maintain the wooden fence to be durable. Meanwhile, we recommend you to contact The Woodlands fence company if you need the fence experts services.

1. Use anti termite material

As we have seen that wooden fences are vulnerable to termites. Therefore, you must have the right protection for your wooden fence so as not to be quickly porous. You can anti termite material before doing the finishing process. For further treatment, use anti-termite spray on the wooden fence every 6 months.

2. Use anti-fungal fluids

Similar to termites, mushrooms are ‘enemies’ for the home fence. To fix this, you can use teak oil or teak oil to prevent fungus. If the wooden fence is overgrown with fungus, then you need to use anti-fungal liquid. The way to clean the wood part is moldy with sandpaper. Then, rub the anti-fungal liquid and wait until dry. After dry paint uses high gloss or super gloss evenly.

3. Repeat the wooden fence that has begun to dull

The wooden fence is also vulnerable to its dull and fading colors. Therefore, you need to repaint it. The wood surface is sanded first until smooth so it will ease in the painting process. Use paint that contains anti-termite and anti-fungal. The special paint is solid, you need to give putty on the cracked wood surface before painting.

4. Use coating or medicine for wooden fences

Currently, there are many coatings or medicines to protect the wood sold in the market. The coating protects the wood from the sun and prevents the fungus from landing on the wood surface due to the humid temperature