MDBrain, A Software That Revolutionizes The Granting Of Consumer Credit

Currently, the MDBrain software has been adopted by the GP Bank Personal Finance group subsidiary, including CT Bank, FC Credit and aCredit, banks that are reputed European leaders in consumer credit. This software processes the borrower’s profile in order to minimize the risk of credit default.

Currently, in order to minimize the risks associated with credit default, banks are using breakthrough technology to ensure the solvency of a borrowing client when applying for credit. Credit scoring is no longer effective because of the high demand for loans, the MDBrain has been manufactured for assured efficiency.


How MDBrain software works

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MDBrain software, referred to as augmented intelligence software, analyzes the data in order to make a better decision in response to a credit request . This software combines human, artificial and collective intelligence. To help banks in their decision-making, augmented intelligence uses the data at its disposal. She then deals with the various criteria of the profile and the activities of the individual borrower such as his professional situation, his age, his state of income and the use of bank cards to study the level of risk. This software has a computing power and algorithm multiplied and exclusive.

The operation of the MDBrain is translated by a color code. The green color ensures a lower risk on the solvency of the customer while the yellow color represents a limited risk. As for the red color, it indicates a major payment default. However, whatever the decision provided by the software, the final decision is up to the man. In addition, a prescriptive analysis carried out by the augmented intelligence makes it possible to bring more conviction to a person hesitating with the complexity of the data. Predictive analytics meanwhile, only predicts a borrower’s solvency while assessing the risks associated with decision-making.


The advantages of using MDBrain software


MDBrain is able to analyze billions of combinations thanks to the technology associated with it. It helps to optimize the file processing process while ensuring better decision-making. It has the advantage of considerably shortening the response time to multiple requests for credit. In addition to reducing the risk of payment default. MDBrain makes it possible to quickly obtain a solution to a problem and immediately implement the action plan.

It is also a way for banks to retain customers, but it also ensures efficiency against the competition. Thus, using MDBrain is more profitable for these banks of GP Bank Personal Finance, because it allows a reduction of costs and a guaranteed result.

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