The Importance of Building the Proper Home Foundation

Perhaps you are currently looking to find out how to create a solid and durable home base so you can minimize the possibility of a foundation repair in Shreveport LA. The foundation of the house consists of two types, namely shallow foundation, and deep foundation. As the name implies, shallow foundations are built at a depth of not more than one meter. This is due to very hard ground construction. Generally, these shallow foundations are made for buildings like small shops, fountains and other simple buildings.

The foundation is built with a depth of more than one meter, the goal is that the building becomes more sturdy and durable, for the construction of the house will be more recommended to use deep foundation, especially if it is built on uneven terrain like hills.

After finding the type of foundation to be made, the next step is to determine the width of the foundation itself, the standard used is half a meter, the width of this foundation will be closely related to the process of making the foundation, the wider the size of the foundation will make it easier for you in preparing the bricks and cement inside.

To withhold the shape of the foundation you have designed using the help of the board to support and maintain its shape so as not to change while doing this step please note carefully that no fatal errors occur.

The next step is to make the cement batter, arrange the bricks and form the foundation in accordance with the existing standard. Once the foundation finishes let the cement embedded in this brick is completely dry, it takes about 24 hours, after which you can release the support board freely. Despite the dry foundation is still very vulnerable, therefore use a plastic cover to avoid exposure to rainwater.