These are Step to Clean The Wood Floor Correctly To Keep Its Quality Awake

Having a wooden floor is a bit more to maintain than a floor with another type. So, it’s good that you can take care of it properly and well so that you can use in a long time. You can use a service from vinyl flooring company in Buffalo NY for your floor needs. their various staff will greatly assist you in handling the floor issues.

Keep in mind that wooden floors have easy to be moist properties and more easily wet the water so that dust and dirt will be more difficult to clean. In fact, there are some things that make the floor of the apocalypse more easily damaged like the weather, the various activities performed on it and treating it wrong. Here is how to clean the right wooden floor you should know well.

1. Sweep regularly
Because it is easier to absorb the water, be sure to sweep the wooden floor so that the dirt does not stick too long and eventually accumulate on your wooden floor. Use a broom with soft fur or use a proper vacuum cleaner to clean it.

2. Mop the floor properly
after sweeping the floor, continue to mop the floor. before, make sure the wood has a layer or not. This layer can be a varnish or wax layer. If there are the layer, then clean it with the mix water. Use the cold and hot water to keep the quality of the floor.

3. Choose a mop with the correct material
To maintain the quality of wood flooring, you also focus that always use the mop that has a good quality. When mopping, squeeze the mop firmly and do not let the fabric get too wet when used.

4. Clean twice
After use a moist or slightly damp mop. Choose a mop made of cotton that has good quality. When mopping, squeeze strongly with the cloth and do not let the fabric get too wet.