Types of Essential Oil and Its Benefits

Not only makes your room to be fragrant, essential oils have different benefits of each kind. The list below will make it easier for you to choose which Pure Essential Oils that suits your body needs.

– Anise essential oil
Usefulness to reduce rheumatism, arthritis, antiseptic, relax muscles are tense, anti-insect, relieve nervous feelings.

– Basil essential oil
For face care, relieve blocked breathing, treat wound infections, reduce stress, blood circulation.

– Benzoin essential oil
It is great for improving mood, reducing feelings of depression, relaxing the mind, releasing gas accumulate in the stomach, reducing body odor, treating inflammation outside.

– Bergamot essential oil
It has the power to reduce muscle tension, treat external wounds and help digestion.

– Bitter almond essential oil
Essential is useful to kill bacteria, fungi, germs, reduce inflammation, anaesthetic, detoxify the body, launching urine.

– Geranium essential oil
Its usefulness to strengthen the gums, reduce muscle tension, blood circulation, help speed healing wounds and also reduce body odor.