What Causes Your AC Gets Damaged

Behind the use of air conditioning that provides many benefits, of course, there are also problems that arise. An example is the condition of the air conditioner becomes not maximal even damaged. Air conditioning damage can be marked with the air conditioner that is not cold, there is a leak until the AC issued a sound that disturbs your rest time. So, what makes your air conditioner damaged? The professional air conditioner servicing singapore knows how to fix any problem you face, so don’t hesitate to call the best AC repair contractor.

The damage to air conditioning is often caused by dust and dirt accumulating in the air conditioner. These objects inhibit the water drain which makes the water come out of the air conditioner through another hole in the engine. The buildup of dust on the air conditioner can cause respiratory problems. This is because if the air conditioner is not cleaned, the fungus will grow and make the air dirty. Make sure the air filter, fan (blower), and evaporator are free of dust and dirt.