What is a blog?

Do you know what a blog is? If you do not know yet, then you are in the right place. Simply put, blogs are similar to websites but not the same. Initially, blogs were used to create diaries that can be shared online. Remember when many children have diaries? The difference is online and can be accessed by anyone. If you want to see some online journal blogs, you can visit our website.

With the increasing popularity of blogs at that time, more and more are aware that the blog is not just an online diary, but can be used to create a website that conveys a variety of content and information. A new way of communicating on the internet at that time so blogs known as web 2.0. If in the present it has been through chat and social media. So, began the popularity of the blogging world to this day.

Basic Differences blogs and websites

The blog is a special platform that allows us to keep adding journals or articles regularly based on time and others can comment on any journal or article.

The website is an online platform created with various functions as needed. For example, Google for a search engine, Tokopedia.com for marketplace online sale or buy Ratakan.com for buying and selling digital products.

The design of the look of a blog always changes every time and now more attractive. But blogs still have a standard structure and are still used today.

The structure is:

– Header with the navigation menu
– The main content that contains a summary of the latest article list or article content.
– Sidebar containing the latest article list, search box, comment list, category list, and so on.
– Footer containing copyright text, privacy policy link, service policy link, a contact link, and so forth.

There are 2 types of blogs that are hosted and self-hosted.

– Hosted
Blog hosted by the author. The term cloud blog. You do not need to set up a hosting server to start blogging.

– Self-Hosted
Blogs that must be hosted on your own hosting server. You also need a domain name to make your blog accessible.